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Owners manual

An owners manual (also called an instruction manual) is an instructional book or booklet that is supplied with almost all technologically advanced consumer products such as vehicles, home appliances and computer peripherals. Information contained in the owners manual typically includes:

  • Safety instructions; for liability reasons these can be extensive, often including warnings against doing things that no intelligent person would consider doing.
  • Assembly instructions; for products arrive in pieces for easier shipping.
  • Installation instructions; for productions that need to be installed in a home or workplace.
  • Setup instructions; for devices that keep track of time or which maintain user accessible state.
  • Normal usage instructions.
  • Programming instructions; for microprocessor controlled products such as VCRs, programmable calculators, and synthesizers.
  • Maintenance instructions.
  • Troubleshooting instructions; for when the product does not work as expected.
  • Service locations; for when the product requires repair by a factory authorized technician.
  • Regulatory code compliance information; for example with respect to safety or electromagnetic interference.
  • Product technical specifications.
  • Warranty information; sometimes provided as a separate sheet.

Until the last decade or two of the twentieth century it was common for an owners manual to include detailed repair information, such as a circuit diagram; however as products became more complex this information was gradually relegated to specialized service manuals, or dispensed with entirely, as devices became too inexpensive to be economically repaired.

Owners manuals for simpler devices are often multilingual so that the same boxed product can be sold in many different markets. Sometimes the same manual is shipped with a range of related products so the manual will contain a number of sections that apply only to some particular model in the product range.

With the increasing complexity of modern devices, many owners manuals have become so large that a separate quickstart guide is provided. Some owners manuals for computer equipment are supplied on CD-ROM to cut down on manufacturing costs, since the owner is assumed to have a computer able to read the CD-ROM. Another trend is to supply an instructional videotape or DVD along with the owners manual.

Car owner’s manual

All new cars come with an owner’s manual from the manufacturer. Most owners leave them in the glove compartment for easy reference. This can make their frequent absence in rental cars frustrating because it violates the driver’s user expectations, as well as makes it difficult to use controls that aren’t understood, which is not good because understanding control operation of an unfamiliar car is one of the first steps recommended in defensive driving. Owner’s manuals usually cover three main areas – a description of the location and operation of all controls, a schedule and descriptions of maintenance required, both by the owner and by a mechanic, and specifications such as oil and fuel capacity and part numbers of lighbulbs used.

Current car owner’s manuals have become much bigger in part due to many safety warnings most likely designed to avoid product liability lawsuits, as well as from ever more complicated audio and navigational systems, which often have their own manual.

Popular culture

The noun phrase owners manual has been used by analogy in the title of numerous instructional books about entities that are not manufactured products, such as pets, body parts and businesses.

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  1. Comment by n pritchard — 10/02/2011 @ 10:51

    recently purchased peugeot partner diesel 2002 registered,I have no owners manual could you please help in getting one,lost without one,would appreciate your help in getting the manual.

  2. Comment by admin — 14/02/2011 @ 21:59

    We have sent instructions to your email address. Good luck

  3. Comment by dawn may — 26/03/2011 @ 13:19

    Please help!! I am desperately trying to get a user manual for a Sony SLV-SE830G without any success. Any advice on setting up this machine would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

  4. Comment by admin — 28/03/2011 @ 22:01

    We have sent instructions to your email address.

  5. Comment by M A evans — 08/05/2011 @ 16:27

    Please could you help me , my daughter has been given a thorn AW41000 washing machine with no instruction could you help me please to down load one

  6. Comment by Ken Gibb — 18/05/2011 @ 12:43

    I am seeking to get a instuction manual for a ‘pitchmaster duo68254′ keyboard. Please, can you help.

  7. Comment by admin — 19/05/2011 @ 11:15

    We sent to you.

  8. Comment by Deb rendell — 31/05/2011 @ 15:42

    Hi do you know where I can get instructions on constructing the next Newton oak effect lamp? I bought it off an auction and found there to be no instruction guide! I hope you can help thank you Debbie

  9. Comment by Bary Lawler — 18/06/2011 @ 13:59

    Would like the Instruction Book for my DeLonghi Microwave Oven Model E8021TP-BI

  10. Comment by admin — 19/06/2011 @ 11:20

    We sent this to you Bary.

  11. Comment by angie armstrong — 12/07/2011 @ 21:53

    i need the owners manuel for my lcd tv. ive tried to get it everywhere but with on luck. its a hanwa lcd tv model number LC32W5S any help would be greatly appreciated

  12. Comment by condor — 16/07/2011 @ 08:40

    Sent to you

  13. Comment by kate beswick — 20/07/2011 @ 17:46

    I need an archos mp3 player owners manual – you don’t seem to have one

  14. Comment by hector murray — 22/07/2011 @ 00:12

    can u help me?looking for manual for digi dp90 printer

  15. Comment by Paul Bennett — 23/07/2011 @ 17:04

    Hi, I need an instruction manual for a Schiller halogen oven 12L. Can you help please. Thanks, Paul.

  16. Comment by condor — 24/07/2011 @ 08:42

    Sent to you on email.

  17. Comment by condor — 24/07/2011 @ 08:46

    Done :-)

  18. Comment by Dan O'Mahony — 25/07/2011 @ 18:12

    Looking for owners manual for Toyota Corolla Verso D4D 2007

  19. Comment by Louise C — 30/07/2011 @ 14:10

    Hello, I would like DeLonghi Microwave Oven Model E8021TP-BI as well please?

  20. Comment by condor — 02/08/2011 @ 08:43

    Sent to you on email Louise

  21. Comment by Ringo — 03/08/2011 @ 15:47

    Hi I’ve been looking for an instruction manual for my Gold’s Gym X-Train (XTrain) Cross-Trainer (CrossTrainer)
    (Sticker on it says the model number is AD-3006) Can you help?


  22. Comment by karin crabtree — 05/08/2011 @ 14:54

    I have no instructions for my Matsui air con – model Mpa9kwe.
    and need to know if it should have a hosepipe conected toit if u can help would bemost grateful.

  23. Comment by jeanette — 15/08/2011 @ 21:04

    i am looking for a manual for the IMI powermax 135 combi boiler as i dont know how to use it

  24. Comment by Alan Johnston — 19/08/2011 @ 13:58

    Just taken delivery of Haus WM1050 W washing machine (not new) really need a users manual please

  25. Comment by condor — 20/08/2011 @ 08:48

    Alan we sent to you on email

  26. Comment by ned curry — 04/09/2011 @ 19:14

    would you find a instructoin manual for a parmiter pr86 bale wrapper

  27. Comment by Helen Dewhirst — 08/09/2011 @ 19:09

    My son has put a pin n umber in his Neon Tv we now need this to reset the tv following the digital changeover could do with a copy of the manual to see if we can sort

  28. Comment by Gerry Kindlon — 08/09/2011 @ 19:44

    Hi looking for owners manual for dimplex microwave oven model no 46723 would appricate any help to locate it. Thanks-

  29. Comment by marie — 16/09/2011 @ 13:00

    I need the instruction manual for a citoen xsara picasso 2002 petrol car i have just purchased that doesnt have a copy with it!can u help

  30. Comment by carl — 17/09/2011 @ 22:57

    i need to know how to set up tv channels on my panasonic vhs-player/recorder—-dvd recorder model no,DMR-EZ45E cannot find-see a set up button. please help me . thanx

  31. Comment by Derek Sturt — 18/09/2011 @ 11:41

    Can anyone help with manual for HINARI Breadmaker HB154, please.

    Thanks in advance (hopefully).

  32. Comment by lucy hosking — 18/09/2011 @ 15:50

    just bought used renault megane cabriolet+dynamique but have no manual

  33. Comment by angie armstrong — 19/09/2011 @ 12:49

    i asked for help in july for getting an owners manual for my hanwa lcd tv model number LC32W5S you said you sent it to me but as of yet havnt recieved it

  34. Comment by JDL — 23/09/2011 @ 14:03

    Got a free SIM !!!! Wanted a user’s manual !!!!!!

  35. Comment by karen — 05/10/2011 @ 11:48

    could you download the manual for a diplomatic softline gas cooker thx

  36. Comment by Bert666 — 07/10/2011 @ 18:46

    Hi, Do you possibly have the instruction manual for a White Knight tumble dryer, 427WV? Thanks

  37. Comment by marion — 08/10/2011 @ 13:02

    looking for owners manuel for chrysler sebring saloon 2008 please help if you can realy need one to understand the dashboard

  38. Comment by condor — 14/10/2011 @ 21:31

    Done for you :-)

  39. Comment by Ray O'Brien — 19/10/2011 @ 18:41

    I am after a owners manual for a 1.6 Audi A3 2005.

    Hope you can help


  40. Comment by robert kilby — 28/10/2011 @ 18:09

    Help. I have purchased 2nd hand Mazda 6 car registration is 2057, can anyone help with an owners handbook as there wasn’t one with the car.

  41. Comment by Mark — 29/10/2011 @ 19:15

    I recently purchased a fairly new 58 plate Audi a3 cabriolet s line and it has no manual. Please
    Many thanks in advance.

  42. Comment by Wildeth — 01/11/2011 @ 18:08

    Hi, I just bought a 8GB Cambridge Sciences G7-II 7inch Android 2.3 Tablet but the user manual that was in an e book inside the tablet got erased ( it was in the aldiko e reader app) and I havenĀ“t been able to find the web page for cambridge sciences nor the user guide anywhere. If anyone has it please tell me where I can download it from or if you can send it to me. Thanks

  43. Comment by michael — 01/11/2011 @ 20:14

    Hi, can you help me find an instruction manual for a rascal 850 mobility scooter, year 2009. thanks.

  44. Comment by Lindsey wylie — 02/11/2011 @ 19:53

    Hi, ive recently moved in to an appartment with a CDA C1993 washing machine/ tumble dryer. There is no instruction manual and i am unaware how to use it. :( is there anyway of getting these instructions?

  45. Comment by condor — 02/11/2011 @ 22:56

    Instructions can be found here http://www.instructionmanual.org.uk/instructions/?did=19

  46. Comment by john macswayde clements — 04/11/2011 @ 16:06

    would like instruction manual for toshiba 22DV665DB lcd tv

  47. Comment by Paul — 15/11/2011 @ 12:30

    Looking for instruction manual for the Scheppach oxt500 log splitter.
    tahnks for your help.

  48. Comment by allan — 16/11/2011 @ 16:35

    i am looking for an instruction manual for a remote control helicopter (HM0961 INFARED MICRO ALLOY HELICOPTOR) as i cant seem to get it working it is brand new but cant take it back as it was a gift and the recipt has been lost, hope you can help thanks,


  49. Comment by Mary-Lee — 17/11/2011 @ 14:38

    I am looking for an operating/instruction manula for a molineux Ovatio 2 and a kenwood smoothie – I would be so grateful if could help
    Many thanks

  50. Comment by Brock — 22/11/2011 @ 16:07

    Kenwood Gourmet FP295 instruction manual required please.

  51. Comment by Bernie — 23/11/2011 @ 23:29

    Can anybody help me please in finding an instruction manual for TESCO ARC 412 cordless digital phone with answering machine. I would be very grateful

    Many thanks

  52. Comment by ken ford — 13/12/2011 @ 23:04

    hi, i have just got a silvercrest mistral 830 big button phone there is no instructions can anyone help please

  53. Comment by Donna — 29/12/2011 @ 18:52

    I have just bought an Apollo Urchin bike from Halfords for my 4 yr old and have just gone to put it together and there are no instructions. Please could you help me to find a website that I can download this manual as my son is now very upset that I cannot put his bike together.

  54. Comment by Ananda — 02/01/2012 @ 11:45

    I have misplaced my CASIO SPORT PRG-110 watch manual.Could please find one for me to download.


  55. Comment by Juliette Kennett — 03/01/2012 @ 12:02


    I need a copy of the user manual for a Prestige combination microwave CB300W

    Thank you
    Juliette Kennett

  56. Comment by haylis marsh — 03/01/2012 @ 19:26

    Hi i am looking for a schreiber manual for model number app6403 thanks

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